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Delivery or Pick-Up Orders
Welcome to Taipei Tokyo

North and South together. That is what the Chinese characters in our name say, and that is what our menu brings to you—cuisine from all parts of East Asia together under one roof.

Our story goes something like this…we started out in 1993 with Taipei Tokyo (Metro Pike), offering our trademark fast-paced, no fuss, no frills, fend for yourself dining experience. It was modeled after the typical little noodle shop or sushi stand that can be found on the streets of Taipei and Tokyo. Sushi was still considered exotic in this area back then and was only attainable at traditional Japanese establishments. And very few restaurants offered traditional handmade noodle dishes from Taiwan. Our vision was to open the door to those adventurous diners who love Chinese food and who are open to trying something new like sushi. It was such a hit that we expanded in 2003 and opened Taipei Tokyo at Fallsgrove. At our Fallsgrove location, we offer culinary creations from all parts of East Asia in a full-service restaurant setting. Our menu allows you to indulge in and explore the abundant herbs, spices, and ingredients from these lands. We hope that you will enjoy your “old favorites” and perhaps discover new ones
as well.

Thank you for dining at Taipei Tokyo!

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